Workforce and collaboration: Adapting to the ‘new normal’

Workforce and collaboration: Adapting to the ‘new normal’

David Cooper, chief people officer – Circle Health group – incorporating BMI Healthcare
Peter Moore, partner, iCon Infrastructure Fund
Leah Queripel, human resources director – residential care services, Care UK
Udara Ranasinghe, partner, DAC Beachcroft

The impact of Covid-19 on the UK’s health and social care sector is likely to mean fundamental and long term change to the sector’s workforce. This period of transition will create challenges and short-term pressures, but it should also drive greater collaboration between the public and private sector.

To discuss the changing nature of the sector’s workforce, share the great work that is currently being done, and consider how operators should be reacting, HealthInvestor UK partnered with DAC Beachcroft to host a webinar featuring leading figures from across health and social care.

The debate focuses on the below points of discussion:

Return to work and employee protection – how will independent health and social care grapple with Covid-19 specific risks assessments and mitigate identified risks against a backdrop of changes to working patterns? How will organisations deal with changing working arrangements (which are underpinned by legal obligations and driven by social change) to address Covid-19 risks? Will mandatory testing and vaccinations (if/when available) be the solution and what are the legal issues with requiring these (and managing associated data flows)? Will equity in regards to accessing PPE result in variances to remuneration based on exposure risk?

New workforce models and restructuring – how will independent health and social care align workforce structure with a changed demand for services? Will we see an increase in NHS work for private providers and will there be an extension of care pathways in to independent social care? Will increased and steady flows of work challenge the traditional model of engaging doctors through PPs? What will increased collaboration with other providers mean? Is that a model for future care pathways? What are the implications for future investment in the sector? Are the changes we will see make independent health and social care more or less attractive to investors and could it lead to further consolidation within the sector?

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On Target: Kenneth MacKenzie discusses how Covid-19 has impacted social care real estate investment…

Kenneth MacKenzie, chief executive, Target Healthcare REIT

HealthInvestor UK’s Covid-19 Webinar Series continued with an interview with the chief executive of Target Healthcare REIT, Kenneth MacKenzie.

Target Healthcare REIT is one of the most established investment vehicles active in the care sector, with over 70 residential care properties operated in partnership with 27 different operators across the UK.

In an interview with Investor Publishing managing director Vernon Baxter, Kenneth shared the perspective of the landlord on the Covid-19 crisis and provided insights on the long-term implications of the pandemic for the care sector.

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Road to recovery? What happens next for elderly care…

Avnish Goyal, chairman, Hallmark Care

HealthInvestor UK’s Covid-19 Webinar Series continuesd with an interview with Avnish Goyal, the chairman of Hallmark Care, chief executive of Savista Developments, chair of Care England and the founder of the Care Sector Ball.

As one of the most active figures in the care sector, Avnish has many jobs and even more insights into how the elderly care system is responding to this crisis. In an interview with Investor Publishing managing director Vernon Baxter, Avnish shared his thoughts on what comes next for the social care sector over the next 12 to 18 months.

As social distancing measures begin to be relaxed there are a number of serious considerations for everyone involved in the care home market – with big questions facing operators, regulations and politicians alike.

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Restoring confidence: Will the self-funding care market thrive in the wake of Covid-19?

Tom Hartley, director, Carterwood

HealthInvestor UK’s editor Rob Munro was joined by Tom Hartley of care sector analysts Carterwood to discuss the future of the self-pay care home sector.

The lack of availability of testing and PPE combined with high death rates has had a devastating effect on public perception of the care sector and, despite heroic efforts by operators and investors, it will take considerable time before confidence is restored.

In the light of these sobering facts, what does the future hold for the self-pay market? Has the Covid-19 pandemic permanently damaged its reputation or will higher-end care homes become more popular as they offer greater protection from infection while the threat from Covid-19 lingers?

Tom answers these and other questions based on the results of Carterwood’s latest research into the self-pay market.

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Village spirit: Housing-with-care’s response to Covid-19

Tom Lord, chief operating officer, Inspired Villages
Howard Nankivell, chief executive, Rangeford Villages
Nick Sanderson, chief executive, Audley Group

HealthInvestor UK’s Covid-19 Webinar Series continued with a live panel session focusing on how the ‘housing-with-care’ sector is coping with the challenges presented by the continuing battle against the pandemic.

Investor Publishing’s managing director, Vernon Baxter, was joined by executives from three of the leading operators in the retirement villages sector – Nick Sanderson, chief executive of Audley Group; Tom Lord, chief operating officer at Inspired Villages; Howard Nankivell, chief executive of Rangeford Villages.

The live video panel will focused on how housing-with-care has responded to the unique challenges of Covid-19 – it also considered how a pandemic of this nature will impact the sector in the mid- to long-term and discussed how the economics of Covid-19 will change the investment landscape.

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Covid-19: The impact on health investment in the UK

Garret Turley, partner, August Equity

On Tuesday 28 April, HealthInvestor UK’s webinar was a discussion over the the impact the Covid-19 pandemic is having on the UK’s health investment community.

Garret Turley, partner at August Equity joined Rob Munro, editor of HealthInvestor UK in exploring how the lockdown is hampering deal-making and the likely challenges that lie ahead in the medium- and long-term.

Covid-19 in care homes – Latest intelligence from the frontline

Julian Evans,
head of healthcare,
Knight Frank

HealthInvestor UK’s weekly webinar featured a live interview and data session with one of the UK social care sector’s leading experts.

Vernon Baxter, managing director of Investor Publishing, interviewed Knight Frank’s head of healthcare – Julian Evans – to examine how the care home sector has reacted to the Covid-19 crisis, featuring data on how the system is coping and how the private sector’s response is supporting the health service’s battle to combat the virus.

In the past week, media attention has turned to the specific problems Covid-19 presents to the care home sector – from the relative scarcity of PPE equipment to the lack of testing and the increased fatality rate for those above 80 years in age.

In this session, Evans  shares observations and intelligence derived from Knight Frank’s market access and the management data of its client-base across the UK and from other global markets.

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Care and Covid-19: Is the sector up to the challenge?

Professor Martin Green,
chief executive,
Care England

HealthInvestor UK’s Covid-19 Webinar Series kicked off with a live event featuring Professor Martin Green, chief executive of Care England in conversation with Rob Munro, editor, HealthInvestor UK.

View the recorded webinar here

K12 and Covid-19: Are schools coping with the online transition?

Jamie Beaton,
co-founder and chief executive, Crimson Education

On Thursday 9 April at 11am, EducationInvestor Global’s new webinar series will launch with a one-on-one interview with Jamie Beaton, co-founder and chief executive of Crimson Education, moderated by Josh O’Neill, editor of EducationInvestor Global.

View the recorded webinar here

NMT Discussions: How the Covid-19 response has unfolded so far

Carole Edmond, director, Glassmoon
June O’Sullivan, chief executive, The London Early Years Foundation
Arun Kanwar, partner, Cairneagle
Neil Leitch, chief executive, Early Years Alliance
Briony Richter, editor, Nursery Management Today
Sarah Steel, chief executive, The Old Station Nursery
The first NMT webinar discussion kicked off on Tuesday 14 April. This event featured a panel discussion on the impact that Covid-19 is having on the early years sector. Our panellists will discuss how the Government has responded to the virus and what that means for nurseries and early years providers, as well as the next steps to helping the sector overcome this crisis.
View the recorded webinar here

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