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Road to recovery? What happens next for elderly care…

Avnish Goyal, chairman, Hallmark Care

On Tuesday 02 June at 16:15 BST HealthInvestor UK’s Covid-19 Webinar Series continues with an interview with Avnish Goyal, the chairman of Hallmark Care, chief executive of Savista Developments, chair of Care England and the founder of the Care Sector Ball.

As one of the most active figures in the care sector, Avnish has many jobs and even more insights into how the elderly care system is responding to this crisis. In an interview with Investor Publishing managing director Vernon Baxter, Avnish will share his thoughts on what comes next for the social care sector over the next 12 to 18 months.

As social distancing measures begin to be relaxed there are a number of serious considerations for everyone involved in the care home market – with big questions facing operators, regulations and politicians alike.

As with each of the Covid-19 webinars there will be opportunities for attendees to put questions to Avnish through the webinar platform as he responds to some of these issues.

This webinar series is a unique opportunity for investors, providers and advisors across the social care spectrum to engage with current expert thinking in this difficult time.

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Restoring confidence: Will the self-funding care market thrive in the wake of Covid-19?

Tom Hartley, director, Carterwood

HealthInvestor UK’s editor Rob Munro was joined by Tom Hartley of care sector analysts Carterwood to discuss the future of the self-pay care home sector.

The lack of availability of testing and PPE combined with high death rates has had a devastating effect on public perception of the care sector and, despite heroic efforts by operators and investors, it will take considerable time before confidence is restored.

In the light of these sobering facts, what does the future hold for the self-pay market? Has the Covid-19 pandemic permanently damaged its reputation or will higher-end care homes become more popular as they offer greater protection from infection while the threat from Covid-19 lingers?

Tom answers these and other questions based on the results of Carterwood’s latest research into the self-pay market.

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Notes on a scandal: Understanding the long-term impact of Covid-19 on elderly care

Robert Kilgour, chairman, Renaissance Care

HealthInvestor UK’s Covid-19 Webinar Series continued with an interview with the chairman of Renaissance Care – and original founder of Four Seasons Health Care – Robert Kilgour.

As further details emerge on how the government and the health service has interacted with the elderly care system during the Covid-19 crisis, it is clear that the past three months will have lasting implications for the sector.

Robert Kilgour has been an outspoken voice throughout the crisis and joined Investor Publishing’s managing director, Vernon Baxter, to share his thoughts on the ramifications of this extraordinary period – both politically and practically.
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Covid-19: What have the private and public sectors learnt about working together?

Catherine Davies, managing partner, Monticle
Gabrielle Silver, chief executive, CHS Healthcare

In our latest webinar, HealthInvestor UK’s editor Rob Munro was joined by Catherine Davies, managing partner of Monticle and Gabrielle Silver, chief executive of CHS Healthcare.

Traditionally the relationship between public and private sectors in healthcare has been less than perfect but the tragic events of the Covid-19 pandemic have seen the two sides come together and work in new and innovative ways.

From providing extra bed capacity to re-purposing production lines to manufacture ventilators and PPE, to developing and deploying cutting edge medical technology, businesses and entrepreneurs have demonstrated their ability to support health and social care providers across the sector. But will this lead to a permanent shift in how we view the role of business and investors in the delivery of publicly funded services or will the old ideological battle lines be redrawn in the post-Covid world?

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Village spirit: Housing-with-care’s response to Covid-19

Tom Lord, chief operating officer, Inspired Villages
Howard Nankivell, chief executive, Rangeford Villages
Nick Sanderson, chief executive, Audley Group

HealthInvestor UK’s Covid-19 Webinar Series continued with a live panel session focusing on how the ‘housing-with-care’ sector is coping with the challenges presented by the continuing battle against the pandemic.

Investor Publishing’s managing director, Vernon Baxter, was joined by executives from three of the leading operators in the retirement villages sector – Nick Sanderson, chief executive of Audley Group; Tom Lord, chief operating officer at Inspired Villages; Howard Nankivell, chief executive of Rangeford Villages.

The live video panel will focused on how housing-with-care has responded to the unique challenges of Covid-19 – it also considered how a pandemic of this nature will impact the sector in the mid- to long-term and discussed how the economics of Covid-19 will change the investment landscape.

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Covid-19: The impact on health investment in the UK

Garret Turley, partner, August Equity

On Tuesday 28 April, HealthInvestor UK’s webinar was a discussion over the the impact the Covid-19 pandemic is having on the UK’s health investment community.

Garret Turley, partner at August Equity joined Rob Munro, editor of HealthInvestor UK in exploring how the lockdown is hampering deal-making and the likely challenges that lie ahead in the medium- and long-term.

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Covid-19 in care homes – Latest intelligence from the frontline

Julian Evans,
head of healthcare,
Knight Frank

HealthInvestor UK’s weekly webinar featured a live interview and data session with one of the UK social care sector’s leading experts.

Vernon Baxter, managing director of Investor Publishing, interviewed Knight Frank’s head of healthcare – Julian Evans – to examine how the care home sector has reacted to the Covid-19 crisis, featuring data on how the system is coping and how the private sector’s response is supporting the health service’s battle to combat the virus.

In the past week, media attention has turned to the specific problems Covid-19 presents to the care home sector – from the relative scarcity of PPE equipment to the lack of testing and the increased fatality rate for those above 80 years in age.

In this session, Evans  shares observations and intelligence derived from Knight Frank’s market access and the management data of its client-base across the UK and from other global markets.

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Covid-19 – Can technology help us win?

Mindy Daeschner, managing partner, Daeschner Consulting
Kayleigh Hartigan, chief commercial officer, Zava

On Tuesday 14 April, HealthInvestor UK’s webinar was a discussion on the role technology can play in the fight against Covid-19.

Kayleigh Hartigan, chief commercial officer at Zava and Mindy Daeschner of Daeschner Consulting joined Rob Munro, editor of HealthInvestor UK in exploring the impact that tele-conferencing, remote consultation and AI-powered diagnostic tools are having as clinicians work to overcome the challenges presented by the global coronavirus pandemic.

This was a unique opportunity for all stakeholders in the health and social care sectors to gain insight into experts’ views on this vital clinical component during these unprecedented times.

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Care and Covid-19: Is the sector up to the challenge?

Professor Martin Green,
chief executive,
Care England

HealthInvestor UK’s Covid-19 Webinar Series kicked off with a live event featuring Professor Martin Green, chief executive of Care England in conversation with Rob Munro, editor, HealthInvestor UK.

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Back to the future: Preparing private schools for the post-pandemic world

Lil Bremermann-Richard, chief executive, Oxford International
Anna Grotberg, associate partner, EY-Parthenon
Pam Mundy, international educational consultant and director, Pam Mundy Associates
Kristine Scott, partner and head of education, Harrison Clark Rickerbys

EducationInvestor Global’s Business Women in Education network  hosted a webinar designed to help stakeholders across the private school sector prepare for the post-Covid-19 operating environment and the challenges it will present.

Introduced by EducationInvestor Global and chaired by Anna Grotberg, associate partner at EY-Parthenon and founding member of the Business Women in Education network, the panel discussion united three other founding members: Lil Bremermann-Richard, chief executive of Oxford International; Kristine Scott, partner and head of education at Harrison Clark Rickerbys; and Pam Mundy, international educational consultant and director of Pam Mundy Associates.

Collectively, the panellists share wide-reaching, international insights into the challenges presented to independent school operators thus far by the ongoing pandemic. They also look towards the future at developments including – but not limited to – shifts in demand for private schooling, changes to delivery methods, remote learning, leadership management, financial management, M&A opportunities and legal implications.

Watch the recorded webinar here

Shelter from the storm: Investing in education amid the Covid-19 pandemic

Derrick Betts, associate partner, EY-Parthenon
Jamie Edge, head of education & training – M&A, EY
Sam Fenton-Whittet, investment director, Oakley Capital
Rory Nath, investment manager, ECI Partners

EducationInvestor Global’s webinar series continued with a live panel discussion featuring Sam Fenton-Whittet, investment director at Oakley Capital; Rory Nath, investment manager at ECI Partners; Jamie Edge, head of education & training – M&A at EY; and Derrick Betts, associate partner at EY-Parthenon.

With a breadth of international experience across private equity, corporate finance and strategic consulting, these panellists  explored the future of education investment in the UK and elsewhere against a backdrop of unprecedented economic turbulence. They identify opportunities in education markets, considering the perspectives of trade, private equity and overseas investors, while assessing the impact of Covid-19 on deal flow, pricing, due diligence and more.
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Shifting sands: Global lessons from Middle Eastern education providers’ response to Covid-19

Shaun Robison, chief executive, BBD

EducationInvestor Global’s webinar series continued with a live one-on-one interview with Shaun Robison, chief executive of BBD Education.

Robison, whose education consultancy is based in Dubai, discussed how organisations across the Middle East have responded to the Covid-19 crisis, with a particular focus on the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia – the two largest education markets in the GCC.

In conversation with Josh O’Neill, editor of EducationInvestor Global, Robison considered what lessons have been learnt since the pandemic began and how they can be applied by education providers across the world. He also looked towards the post-pandemic future, illuminating potential changes across markets that are largely privatised and heavily reliant on private investment and international participation.

View the recorded webinar here

What next? Teaching, learning and assessment after Covid-19

Daisy Christodoulou, director of education, No More Marking
Will Orr-Ewing, founder and director, Keystone Tutors
Martin Stephen, educational consultant and former high master of St Paul’s School

EducationInvestor Global’s webinar series continued with a live panel discussion featuring Daisy Christodoulou, director of education at No More Marking and author of ‘Seven Myths About Education’; Will Orr-Ewing, founder and director of Keystone Tutors; and Martin Stephen, educational consultant, former high master of St Paul’s School in London, and author of more than 20 books. The conversation was moderated by Josh O’Neill, editor of EducationInvestor Global.
Collectively, these panellists – whose diverse range of expertise encompasses tutoring, international schooling, private schooling, assessment, educational excellence and ed tech – looked to the post-pandemic future of education in the UK and elsewhere. They considered the ways in which education has been reshaped by the Covid-19 crisis, reflecting on what has worked and what hasn’t, and offer wide-ranging views on what the next era may hold for teaching, learning and assessment.

View the recorded webinar here

‘New normal’: The future of international student mobility

Anip Sharma, partner, L.E.K. Consulting

On Thursday 30 April, EducationInvestor Global’s webinar series continued with a live one-on-one interview with Anip Sharma, partner at L.E.K. Consulting’s global education practice.

In conversation with Josh O’Neill, EducationInvestor Global editor, Sharma assessed the impact of Covid-19 on international student mobility thus far, drawing on a diverse range of professional expertise, data and insights into markets including the UK, US, Canada, China, and Australia. Sharma also considers what the ‘new normal’ might be in the international student market, which is tapped heavily not only by universities and pathway providers, but also K12 operators – notably boarding schools – and educational-travel providers. The discussion encompassed a raft of geographies and subsectors that are exposed to the international student market, at a time when institutions worldwide anticipate collective losses totalling tens of billions of pounds due to Covid-19-induced international travel bans.

View the recorded webinar here

Covid-19 and higher education: How universities and pathway providers are navigating disruption

Sir Anthony Seldon, vice-chancellor, University of Buckingham
James Pitman, managing director, UK and Europe, Study Group
Julie Mercer, partner, Cairneagle Associates
Glynne Stanfield, partner, Eversheds Sutherland

EducationInvestor Global’s webinar series continued with a live panel discussion featuring Sir Anthony Seldon, vice-chancellor of the University of Buckingham; James Pitman, managing director, UK and Europe at Study Group; Julie Mercer, partner at Cairneagle Associates; and Glynne Stanfield, partner at Eversheds Sutherland. The conversation was moderated by EducationInvestor Global editor Josh O’Neill.

Collectively, these market experts discussed the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the higher education sector, exploring the ways in which universities have orchestrated swift transitions to online provision. Panellists also considered diversification strategies and reflected on what the future operating environment may look like, at a time when travel bans have thrown the academic lives of international students, and the pathways sector, into a state of flux.

View the recorded webinar here

K12 and Covid-19: Are schools coping with the online transition?

Jamie Beaton,
co-founder and chief executive, Crimson Education

On Thursday 9 April at 11am, EducationInvestor Global’s new webinar series will launch with a one-on-one interview with Jamie Beaton, co-founder and chief executive of Crimson Education, moderated by Josh O’Neill, editor of EducationInvestor Global.

View the recorded webinar here

NMT Discussions: What Covid-19 means for the childcare market

Nick Brown, regional director & head of brokerage – childcare, Christie & Co
Jeremy Cashmore, head of valuation – care and education, Christie & Co
Courteney Donaldson, managing director – childcare & education, Christie & Co
Michael Hodges, managing director – care consultancy, Christie & Co

The UK nursery sector has undergone significant growth across the past few decades due to a surge in demand and more accessibility.
The current crisis has certainly slowed activity but it has not brought it to a standstill. Looking ahead as the sector evolves, there will continue to be opportunities for investors seeking a solid market.
Our panel discussion will focus on the early years property sector and the market sentiment during the pandemic, as well as what changes are expected post Covid-19.
After the discussion there will be the opportunity to ask the panellists questions during the Q&A.
This webinar is a fantastic opportunity for providers, suppliers and investors across the early years sector to engage with the present expert thinking during this pandemic.

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NMT Discussions: Food for thought post Covid-19

Jonathan Player, managing director, The Professional Nursery Kitchen

Post Covid-19, UK catering operators will have to grapple with a rapidly changing situation no-one could have predicted.

The food industry now has to step up in its efforts to deliver food safely to nursery settings across the UK as they prepare to re-open.

Jonathan Player, managing director, TPNK and director of Seymour House Day Nurseries  discusses guidance around food supply and safe preparation, as well as the reality of adjusting to a new normal at Seymour House Day Nurseries.

With the Government providing guidance for lifting the lockdown, you may already be starting to plan your new normal. When it comes to food supply, there will be a number of new safeguarding measures to take into account while the sector moves past the pandemic.

View the recorded webinar here

NMT Discussions: Navigating strategies during Covid-19 uncertainty

Jonathan Jay, managing director, Welcome Nurseries
Clare Roberts, chief executive, Kids Planet Day Nurseries

We all know that there will be opportunities for growth after the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. While managing the current health crisis and its impact on the early years sector is our first priority, we also need to prepare for the mid- and long-term effects of the current situation.

Clare Roberts, chief executive of Kids Planet Day Nurseries and Jonathan Jay, managing director of Welcome Nurseries discuss their Covid-19 strategies and what needs to happen next to move the sector forward.

The latest Government guidance asking early years providers, including childminders, to begin bringing back children from 1 June onwards has not yet been backed up with clarity on how this can be achieved safely for the sector.

View the recorded webinar here

NMT Discussions: How digital platforms can support the early years sector

John Ingham, chief information officer, Connect Childcare

The move to working from home for the majority of us has meant that society has to embrace technology more to keep business and communications open.

John Ingham, chief information officer at Connect Childcare will discuss the role technology plays in supporting and protecting the early years sector during Covid-19.

Using technology has undoubtedly helped the shift to remote working and kept business channels open for nursery settings, however John highlights how digitisation is a double-edged sword. While it can improve transparency and accountability, users must be fully aware of all their software to combat cyber-crime.
View the recorded webinar here

NMT Discussions: The digital route to access childcare

Susan McGhee, chief executive, Flexible Childcare Services Scotland (FCSS)

Since the outbreak of Covid-19 the early years sector has had to adapt very quickly. The move to home learning has meant that many parents cannot use their normal childcare services.
Susan McGhee, chief executive of Flexible Childcare Services Scotland discusses a new tool, which is an adapted version of FCSS’s Flexible Pathway toolkit as well as the current situation in Scotland.
The digital tool will assess demand for childcare and available childcare provision. FCSS, the Scottish Government and Local Authorities are working closely together to deliver easy access to childcare and early learning solutions for key worker parents.

View the recorded webinar here

NMT Discussions: Responding to the business impact of Covid-19

Richard Blunden, group managing director, Monkey Puzzle Group
Rosemary Collard, director, Snapdragons Nurseries
Cheryl Hadland, founder and managing director, Tops Day Nurseries
Andy Morris, chairman, Little Garden Day Nurseries

This webinar featured a panel of early years providers who are doing everything they can to steer their nurseries through this crisis.

The panellists shared their ongoing strategies to support their employees, children and parents, as well as the financial strain this has put on the sector and their future plans to re-open fully once the nation has weathered this storm.

The Covid-19 pandemic has meant that the early years sector is now much more visible to the government and cannot easily be ignored. If too many settings have to close down permanently this will have significant consequences for economic recovery once the lockdown ends.

View the recorded webinar here

NMT Discussions: Policy pain points

Purnima Tanuku, chief executive, NDNA

NMT’s webinar series continued with a live event featuring Purnima Tanuku, chief executive of NDNA.

Purnima discussed the lobbying efforts of the NDNA and its main priorities during the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as current Government policies, navigating through the regulations and where it has been falling short for early years providers.

During this difficult period of time it is vital that legislative requirements continue to be met and that Government guidance continues to support the sector. However, recent guidance from the DfE only brings about more uncertainty.

View the recorded webinar here

NMT Discussions: How the Covid-19 response has unfolded so far

Carole Edmond, director, Glassmoon
June O’Sullivan, chief executive, The London Early Years Foundation
Arun Kanwar, partner, Cairneagle
Neil Leitch, chief executive, Early Years Alliance
Briony Richter, editor, Nursery Management Today
Sarah Steel, chief executive, The Old Station Nursery
The first NMT webinar discussion kicked off on Tuesday 14 April. This event featured a panel discussion on the impact that Covid-19 is having on the early years sector. Our panellists will discuss how the Government has responded to the virus and what that means for nurseries and early years providers, as well as the next steps to helping the sector overcome this crisis.
View the recorded webinar here

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