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EducationInvestor Global Summit 2020

From 1-3 December, the EducationInvestor Global Summit 2020 will weave together the best elements of our physical Summits usually hosted in Europe, Asia and the Middle East within a virtual forum, accessible from anywhere in the world.

By breaking down geographical barriers, we will host a rich blend of market expertise like never before, while welcoming the largest number of digital delegates to date.

Market participants hailing from almost every continent specialising in a diverse range of fields will contribute to discussions and debates on all things related to education investment. From consolidation and investment trends through to operational best practices and macroeconomic observations, our thought-provoking panels and presentations will have it all.

Content will cater to participants in all educational subsectors, from early years and K12 through to higher education and corporate training. It will also appeal to investors of all stripes, including private equity houses, trade buyers, family offices and pensions funds, in addition to government bodies and regulators.

Delegates will learn from their global peers at a time when leveraging the knowledge and experience of others is more important than ever and have the ability to network in groups within break-out rooms, as well as in private during one-to-one conversations. Just because there will be no coffee breaks doesn’t mean that exchanges of knowledge and business cards cannot occur. 

Engaging sessions grouped under geographical regions will comprise a mix of live and pre-recorded panels and presentations, as well as digital workshops.

While our physical events have historically been constrained by locality, the 2020 Virtual Summit will be open to market participants in all corners of the world, offering sponsors and attendees alike a chance like no other to showcase expertise and network widely.

1-3 December 2020

Virtual event

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