Educationinvestor Global runs a number of international sector awards which seek to recognise excellence in the business of education across a range of categories encompassing investor-related, operational, and support service activities.

The Awards offer an opportunity to showcase companies’ expertise and commitment to what is an increasingly important sector for all Asian economies.

The Awards are presented at a gala dinner at Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands Hotel on the night of 16 May 2019, on the evening of the conclusion of our two-day Summit.

The Asian Awards are for organisations that are active in the following territories within the Asian region – Central Asia (Caspian Sea to Chinese and Pakistan borders); South Asia (Indian subcontinent); and South East Asia / ASEAN. At this time, this does not extend to the Far East –Taiwan, South Korea, HK, or China – or Australia / New Zealand.

To qualify your organisation must evidence a demonstrable commitment to excellence, characterised by a strong customer focus which drives activity in all areas of the business, and a track record over the past year that sets it clearly apart from its competitors.

For EducationInvestor Global a commitment to excellence manifests in a clarity of vision, an articulate mission statement, a clear sense of direction, and focused strategy and goals. This follows through into process design, performance measurement and feedback, and yields evident efficiency gains. It drives research and development, the capture and leverage of knowledge in pursuit of service improvement, innovation, and scale. It issues in informed and assured leadership and management of change. The result is improved productivity, positive financial results, a higher return on investment, and a resolve to give back.

It is this concept of business excellence that forms the basis of judges’ evaluations of award submissions.

Your submission should provide a full explanation of why, on these criteria, you think your organisation should be recognised with an award, and how you stand apart from your competitors.

By way of introduction you should include a short overview of your business activities, what it does, and how it fits into the sector.

Details of relevant activities during 2018, including, where applicable, details of education deals and projects, or case studies, should be included by way of example.
You should also include relevant financial details.

Entrants are asked to put together their entry using the online form provided. Submissions cannot exceed 2,000 words, according to the parameters we have built into the web entry form. Submissions by email attachment or on paper will not be accepted.

Entry to the awards is by self-submission or via a PR representative of the firm.
Entrants may make one or more submissions.

If an entry has been submitted for a category which is deemed inappropriate, a member of EducationInvestor Global’s editorial team will contact you to advise on re-submission. Submissions will not be re-allocated without written permission from an appropriate decision-maker at the organisation in question.

Please ensure that all information in submissions is accurate at the time of entry. EducationInvestor Global will not be held responsible for the publication of any information contained on the entry forms which is inaccurate.

Entrants should provide two client references in support of their entries.

Once applications are closed, the EducationInvestor Global editorial team will vet entries and remove any that have not met the basic stipulated requirements.
Judges are then assigned 4 or 5 categories each to judge.

Judges are expected to read each submission in full and to judge on the basis of the information included in the submissions only.

There are two rounds of voting. In the first instance, judges are asked to submit their first and second choices. These are point scored, with the top six only going through to the next round.

At the next round, judges are asked for a thorough evaluation. Each judge is expected to supply a minimum of 50 words comment in support of his/her choice of winner.

Any judges who do not meet the brief will have their evaluation forms returned to them for completion.

Judging the EducationInvestor Global Asia Awards is an honour. Judges are chosen for their reputation and independence. Typical profiles of judge include association leaders, think tank leaders, analysts and consultants, independent investors, and (often retired) industry leaders and ambassadors. EducationInvestor Global works diligently to anticipate any conflicts of interest, which judges are expected to declare when categories are allocated.

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