EducationInvestor Asia Awards 2019

The 2nd EducationInvestor Asia Awards 2019 will take place on the evening of 16 May 2019, after the EducationInvestor Asia Summit 2019, at the prestigious Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Center.

EducationInvestor Asia Awards 2019 promote excellence and recognise innovation in the private education sector. The judges will be looking for organisations and individuals that have made an outstanding and admirable contribution to education in 2018.

EducationInvestor Asia Awards 2019 offer an opportunity to showcase your company’s expertise and commitment to what is an increasingly important sector for all Asian economies.

The awards are aimed at those professionals investing in, advising or operating companies in education, and the finalists represent the leading players in this diverse and burgeoning market.

Successful entries will be shortlisted on the awards website and shared with our community; an independent panel of high-profile judges will review the nominees and decide the winners from each category.

The awards ceremony will take place directly after the EducationInvestor Asia Awards 2019 at a reception at the Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Center.

16 May 2019

Marina Bay Sands Convention Center, Singapore

“This is a great honour for Cialfo, especially considering our competition. Cialfo’s always believed that society’s greatest challenge is making sure everybody gets to participate in the future. All of us are doing more than making a living. We’re on track to help 100 million students through our platform and this validation from EducationInvestor feels special.”
Rohan Pasari,
Chief executive & co-founder, Cialfo (Winner: Ed tech service provider of the year)

Bringing the Asian education industry together to celebrate the achievements of 2018/19

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